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A Guide To Ireland, is an online social business and services platform directory for sole traders, shops and other businesses across the whole of Ireland. We provide a service to the general public and other companies that are searching for a business, product or service in Ireland, e.g. Plumbers, Hotels, Electricians, Accountants, Pet Shops, barbers, beauty salons and much much more. The user can search locally or nationally.

A Guide To Ireland will promote your business to the best possible standard on our website. We will be innovative, dynamic, efficient and completely driven by the customer. We will develop creative business ideas to ensure the customer receives the best possible service. We will ensure that the directory remains visitor friendly at all times as the customers experience is an essential element of our success.

A Guide To Ireland realizes the need of Internet promotion and is ready to provide complete professional solutions in this field of advertising. We will keep the service personal and an agent will always be available to talk to within office hours. A Guide To Ireland is completely committed to the business development of our customers.

A Guide To Ireland uses the latest state of the art technology and software and incorporates a search engine platform and user dashboard unlike any other directory uses giving you access to a host of features and tools that you can use to get seen first and turn visitors into paying customers. We offer a free listing and our paid listings are the cheapest on the market with a duration of two years not the typical one year. We are light years ahead of the rest with our advertising and promotion and we guarantee real results and success from your listing. We have a dedicated team of developers and marketing specialist who have all come from hardened experience in the industry and are responsible for the design and launch of some of Ireland’s biggest and most successful websites and apps. We are always here to help and guide you with your marketing campaigns.